pink salmon in quinsam river

Eiko Jones Photography presents unique portrayals of our world through the lens of  a camera.  Specializing in dramatic and surreal images from above and below the suface of the water. 

As an award winning  Canadian underwater photographer he strives to capture the natural and human world in a way that inspires and motivates people to appreciate and care about this planet we call home.


With a big emphasis on water photography, images of mountains, lakes, rivers, and oceans, and the salmon, trout and other life forms that inhabit these areas make up a lot of Eiko Jones’ body of work. While all aspects of the natural world are of interest, Pacific Salmon have become one of his primary subjects. Living in Campbell River has it’s advantages as it is centered in prime Salmon habitat and all five species of salmon  make their way into the surrounding rivers each year. The salmon and the watersheds of British Columbia that they return to has become a central driving theme for Eiko.

His Gallery in Campbell River features a large selection of underwater and landscape images, many in very large format style. Drop in for a look or to find out about the other services offered such as Dog Portraits in the water,  Commercial Licensing and Environmental Modelling.


Eiko also hosts photography workshops and lessons. Both topside and underwater workshops are offered throughout the year.    He also leads dive trips in rivers on Vancouver Island to view migrating salmon and various other dive travel opportunities.               Click here to go to Salmon Safari/ Canyon Diving website.

Recent Blog posts

2015 Salmon Top Ten

Best of Salmon from last year. 2015 was a good year for me salmon wise. I had some goals when it came to some images I wanted to get. I got some of them and others I never even expected. June through October was spent mostly in river systems both by myself and guiding... read more

2015 Landscape Top Ten

Best of Landscape from last year 2015 was a good year of small road trips to many places near and far. This collection of images is sorted from so many adventures that it is really not my ten best. (too hard for me to judge)  Just a collection to show some of the... read more

2015 Underwater Top Ten

Best of Underwater  (Ocean) from last year. Another year has come and gone. I didn’t do as much ocean diving last year as I normally do but I spent a ton of time in various rivers system around Vancover Island and beyond.  Three notable ocean diving trips were... read more

Frozen- A world of ice.

When the last of the salmon have gone and the autumn leaves have all fallen I love to explore and show water in another form. It doesn’t flow, I can’t swim in it, and it
barely supports any life, but it is sublime and delicate in so many ways.

read more

Groundbreaking Long HD Video Recording.

New to TV production filming. Ten Hours continuous 1080p recording.

In early November we did a groundbreaking experiment for a new type of TV production. The goal was to record continuous HD footage without a break, throughout the day. This pilot project was made even harder by the producer wanting to start with underwater footage.

read more

2015 Salmon Season End.

Well the 2015 salmon season ended for me on a good note.

The last of the coho salmon seem to have done their thing in the Quinsam River. I was able to finally get footage of a Pink Salmon spawn after many hours laying in the river over the last 3 years. I also managed to get 3 successful Chum Salmon spawns on both video and stills recently. I am keeping the actual spawn images tucked away until I release my book.

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