Large Format Limited Edition Images

Landscape Panoramic images in Very High Resolution.

These special images are suitable for reproducing in large format (as much as 400″ in some cases). This is possible as these extremely high resolution images are between 10,000- 50,000 pixels long.  To maintain an exclusive design concept these images are limited to between 1- 3 reproductions (for images larger than 144″), and only one image in any given town or city. Whether for commercial or home use, these images will be a unique addition to any space. Contact me directly for a price quote. Available on Stretched Giclee Canvas, Aluminum, Face mounted Acrylic and self adhesive Wall Murals. Full resolution digital files available to purchase for printing by qualified graphics/ print shops. Smaller reproduction sizes available as non- limited edition prints. Click HERE for reproduction type descriptions.


large format detail in panoramic landscape image

High detail in 29,400 pixel long image of Cox Beach, Tofino.

Detail available in this 24 327 pixel image

Detail available in this 24,327 pixel image of Crater Lake , Oregon.

high resolution panoramic detail

This is the kind of details you can pull out of a 36,080 pixel long image.

Note- When scrolling through the following image galleries the aspect ratio and maximum pixel length of each image is noted in the image description.

Large Format panoramic galleries.

Note on reproduction sizing possibilities-

The images do not have to be reproduced precisely in the original ratios. For certain images ( depending on compositional factors) it is feasible to crop one way or the other to make it fit your space more effectively. For custom wall murals the image is sent in the dimensions of your space so some cropping may occur.

A 25 000 pixel image can be printed at full resolution (300 dpi)  7 feet long. But when viewing larger images from several feet away it is quite appropriate to print at a lower dpi. At 100 dpi the same image can now be printed just over 20 feet.   As you can see a 45 000 pixel image can be reproduced in astoundingly large proportions when taking into account the viewing distance.

Stretched Canvas images can be done in very large single pieces, with the largest so far at 300″ x 54″  ( see video below). Aluminum panels and Acrylic Facemount can be done in multiple panels to make up the final image. Wall murals can be printed as large as you want depending on resolution of image and viewing distance.

Play the following short video to see the onsite installation of a 25 foot long  single panel stretched canvas image.


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