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Eiko Jones Photography

 Presenting unique portrayals of our world through the lens of a camera.  Specializing in dramatic underwater and topside images.

As an award winning Canadian underwater photographer Eiko strives to capture the natural and human world in a way that inspires and motivates people to appreciate and care about this planet we call home.


underwater photography

With a big emphasis on water based photography, images of mountains, lakes, rivers, and oceans, and the salmon, trout and other life forms that inhabit these areas make up a lot of Eiko Jones’ body of work. While all aspects of the natural world are of interest, underwater photography of Pacific Salmon has become one of his primary objectives. Living in Campbell River has it’s advantages as it is centered in prime Salmon habitat and all five species of salmon  make their way into the surrounding rivers each year. The salmon and the watersheds of British Columbia that they return to have become a central driving theme for Eiko.


Photographic services offered include-       Stock Photography,  Fine Art imagesCommercial Licensing and Commisioned Work, Photography Workshops and Travel, Underwater VideoDog Portraits in the water, Environmental Model photographyConcierge Photography.


Eiko regularly hosts photography workshops and lessons. Both topside and underwater workshops are offered throughout the year.    He also leads dive trips in rivers on Vancouver Island to view migrating salmon and various other dive travel opportunities.               Click here to go to Salmon Safari/ Canyon Diving website.

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Since the time I started underwater photography I have been fascinated by seeing the reflection of objects underwater on the surface. Whenever I am in shallow water I look for subjects that create cool reflections that ripple and morph into fantastical shapes when frozen still on camera. Leaves, sticks, water plants, and even fish have all been captured in this way. So it was just a matter of time before I made a decision to showcase this phenomenon in some particular way.

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