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Unique Scuba and snorkel diving opportunities on Canada’s West Coast, and beyond.

Small dive excursions focusing on locations not typically serviced by regularly scheduled dive charters operators. These trips are usually exploratory in nature and offer a unique glimpse into the wilder side of the ocean realm. Perfect for divers wanting to experience something new, in locations that aren’t crowded with people.

Offshore Shark and other pelagic diving, Rivers and canyons teeming with salmon, and rugged west coast seamount and inlet diving opportunities are available at different times of the year.


shark diving canada

Shark Diving Canada

Join us as we travel by fast boat out over the continental shelf in search of Blue Sharks. These sharks, as well as Mola mola and other warm water travelers can be encountered in the summer months as the Kuroshio current pushes in close to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Albatross, Whales, Sea Otters and other species not typically seen close to shore are encountered as well.

Trips operate out of ports in the Northern part of the Vancouver Island.

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salmon safari canyon diving

Salmon Safari / Canyon Diving

One of a kind experience exploring British Columbia’s rugged west coast rivers and canyons during the annual Salmon Run. During the summer and fall months the rivers of British Columbia teem with migrating Pacific Salmon as they make their way back to the spawning grounds. Join in on a Salmon Safari Canyon Diving tour and witness this spectacle first hand. The clear waters that flow through Vancouver Islands rugged terrain offer an adventure like no other.

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Exploration Diving

Offshore and salmon diving trips can also be combined with spectacular exploration diving expeditions on rugged pinnacles and current swept inlets on the wild West Coast.  Trips are arranged at various times of the year. Contact us for details or add your email to our data base to keep informed of the latest trip offerings.

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