Coho Salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, big, bold, and colourful.

A favorite amoung sport fisherman for its feisty nature, the Coho Salmon is also an important fish species in the watershed. The range of rivers that they spawn in is large, and the young salmon spend a year or more in freshwater before heading to sea. The rearing habitat of young Coho is practically any area that holds water, right down to small drainage ditches and marshy areas. The impact of human land development hinders Coho survival more than any other salmon species.  The colours of mature Coho are quite dramatic, with bright red bodies and black and white face markings. Their jaws also change shape distinctly as they approach spawning time. Photographing Coho Salmon underwater is a pleasure. They are big and colourful and quite calm if you move carefully in their environment.