"I just watched it 3 times. Just INCREDIBLE. My son is an Emmy award winning video producer, so I kind of think I know great stuff when I see it! Keep rolling friend!"  -Gary

"Excellent, the trailer did its job ... I am looking forward to seeing the show" - Susan

"Can’t wait to see the whole film . Wonderful and very important. Thank you" - Angela

"This is wonderful, Eiko! I get to see the miracle of salmon through your brilliant photo documentary. Thank you!"- Lynn

"Well done Eiko!!!! Huge gratitude for what you do" - Darlene

Expected release date of this film is late in 2019 after the salmon season is over. I will post updates on this page as I go along.
I have been spending a lot of time this spring and summer filming the young salmon along the banks of the Campbell River for this movie. I made this short little video below to express my thoughts and feelings about my time I spend on and in the river. This is truly my happy place.
This year I saw lots of juvenile chinook salmon in the various parts of the river. They were a mix of wild and hatchery fish. Here in this image are hundreds of chinook fry that were placed as eggs into boxes in the river. They had just emerged and were filling the elk channel.
To see info about the film Salmon Capital Campbell River click HERE