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Welcome to my Salmon Photography page.

Note:      This is a sub-section of my main website Water has been a draw for me since childhood and now I do a lot of my work in it. The intrigue and majesty of the Pacific Northwest Salmon run has become a major influence in my photography career. Cronicling the life cycle of all 5 species of salmon, as well as the local trout populations, with underwater photographs now forms a large body of my work. Each summer brings the start of the annual spawning run, starting with the Pink Salmon in my area around Campbell River. The Campbell and Quinsam River system is a historically significant watershed with all the salmonids using various parts of it, with the exception of Sockeye. From July all the way through November I can be found swimming and diving in various parts of these two rivers, as well as others on Vancouver Island and further afield.  One of my highlights as a photographer so far was documenting the amazing 2014 Sockeye Salmon run on the famous Adams River in central British Columbia. I work closely with various fishery groups and have access to some unique opportunities. Salmon along with the associated watersheds are now my main focus ( excuse the pun) in my photography.

Stock Photography Galleries.

The following stock image galleries feature my salmon and trout images. Each salmon species is categorized seperately with juveniles through to adult and spawning stages. All images can be bought as prints or licensed for commercial / corporate use. For licensing fees contact me directly with the image requirements.     Magazine Publishers check out this page HERE for images pre-formatted for cover photos.   Link to   Salmon Image Licensing  Brochure.

coho slamon fry
pink salmon fry
Artists Statement-

“At times I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the world around us.  I am passionate about sharing this Pacific Northwest environment with everyone.  Through artistic and dramatic imagery, I endeavor to offer people a glance of that world, whether they live in a big city condo, or have no ability to experience the world below or out in nature. My work is all about drawing attention to the entire environment and watersheds, from the mountaintops all the way down, and into our vast, but fragile oceans. Because of my work with wild salmon, I see firsthand the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment. Vibrant, wild salmon runs are one of the first things to diminish as encroachment and pollution affect a river. Just as writer and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown loved to fish, he also was concerned about the welfare of the fish in the river and surrounding environs. At a time when Campbell River was experiencing a period of growth like never before, and new projects like the hydro dam were threatening the natural environment, his passion for the environment was crucial. His writing influenced fisheries biologists, ecologists and countless others interested in the evolving relationship between people and nature. I believe the tide is turning for the benefit of our wilderness and our future generations. By people becoming aware of the need to protect our precious waterways, the salmon and associated wildlife are being helped.  I look to the resilience of wild salmon as a great example of the forces of life itself.  By making needed changes in our actions towards the environment, nature will achieve a balance and be restored to its once abundant state.”

Here is a sample of some video work I have done.
A cool project I filmed for Telus Optik TV in October from Dawn till Dusk. One complete HD video over 9 hours.
Fantastic story about the remediation of the Tsolum River near Courtenay BC
Short video with footage from the 2014 Adams River Sockeye Run
Snorkelling with masses of Pink Salmon in the Campbell River.
snorkel with salmon in the campbell river
The Campbell River area  is world famous for salmon fishing, but also for another activity involving salmon. Visitors from all over the world have come here to snorkel with the salmon on this BC Heritage River.  Every July Pink Salmon start to arrive in the local waters and make their way up the river to their spawning grounds in the upper reaches and in the Quinsam River. Followed on their tails are Chinook Salmon, then Coho and Chum Salmon. Eiko offers snorkeling and Scuba diving trips to see and photograph this natural wonder through his tour operation dubbed  Salmon Safaris /Canyon Diving.   If you are a photographer or film-maker Eiko can lead you to special spots ideal for filming salmon and trout in their natural habitats.  Click here for more images 
Here is a sampling of my various underwater salmon photographs. 
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Salmon Spawning Event caught on camera.

After a couple of years and countless hours of stalking river beds and pools in the fall of 2015 I was able to finally photograph and video several actual spawn events from the underwater perspective. In my second year of salmon photography I sort of inadvertently got video footage of Pink Salmon spawning when I had my camera placed beside a Redd. For two more years I tried to seek out and find a pair of salmon that I could photograph at the actual moment of egg release.

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