Really? Shark Diving in Canada? Yup!

Most people only know of diving for mysterious Six Gill Sharks in Canada. But starting a few miles offshore in the warmer waters lurk other species of shark as well.  This is my second year of leading intrepid divers and underwater photographers out to the warm Kuroshio current at the edge of the continental shelf. This lies approximately 15 to 50 miles offshore of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We stage out of Tahsis and Kyuquot as this is the closest point to the deep water. These trips are for experienced divers only. Weather dependent we spend a good part of the day offshore in a small boat searching for Blue Sharks primarily. Other species can be seen offshore, including Mola mola, the large Ocean Sunfish. All sorts of other pelagic fish and birds can be seen as well and you never know what we will run into.


******Note: I am not scheduling any trips for 2018. Contact me if interested and I will let you know possibilities.******
Blue Shark in the waters off Vancouver Island
snorkeling with blue shark
diving with blue sharks in canada
mola mola frequent british columbia waters
early morning start to go offshore shark diving

Typical Itinerary of trip and what to expect.

Generally trips are 3-4 days in length and are in the summer and early fall months. We stay in a land based accomodation,  usually all together in a large house. Early each morning we depart and head offshore as far as needed and based on weather conditions. This can be a trip up to 25 miles depending on location of the warm water currents. Once we are in a good area we chum the water with some salmon carcases and wait. Once sharks show up divers can enter the water. Depending on the conditions it may be suitable to Scuba and/ or snorkel free dive. Tethers are available to keep divers attached to the boat.   We can stay out as long as we want based on the conditions. On the way back in to home base we can hit offshore reefs and sea mounts for a regular Scuba Dive. On days that the weather doesn’t cooperate we dive near shore sites and inlets in the area. Most of the diving is exploratory in nature, so you never know what to expect.  In the evenings we spend time going over the days events, eating, and planning the next days adventure.   Trips based out of Kyuquot are unique. This boat/ fly in only village is remote and right on the edge. Boat pick up is from Fair Harbour, a three hour drive from Campbell River.  Tahsis trips are a little more accessible as you can drive right there via Gold River. Trips based out of Tahsis also include a day of river/canyon diving with Salmon on the first day as we make our way to Tahsis.

Requirements-  Certified diver, Advanced level skills needed, dive/ travel insurance, 18 years of age, sense of adventure.

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